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About Us

Bob, a real estate prodigy achieved remarkable success in the industry, so much so that he purchased his own mortgage brokerage to help facilitate and improve the closing times on loans. He did this because back in the days of the early part of the 2000 decade he was buying and selling hundreds of homes and the issue was always centered on the holding time till he could close and sell his properties and get the money back for more purchases. So, he purchased US Finance Group LLC to expedite this. However, the economic turmoil of 2008 forced the difficult decision to not renew the brokerage licenses in 2009. Bob held on to the company's name and LLC with the intent to reopen one day. Over a decade later, his wife, Anna took the reins and successfully relaunched the business, transforming it into the now thriving mortgage loan origination company, US Finance Group, LLC.  It was Anna who saved the LLC almost to a point where she knew she would someday reopen it and so did at the start of 2022. We call it divine intervention. 

Anna has aligned US Finance Group business with top lenders across the country to help facilitate her client needs. One in particular, United Wholesale Mortgage, (UWM), is the largest mortgage lender in the United States. We also have relationships with many other lenders that allow us to be able to navigate for our clients not only the best rates but also allow us to be able to successfully navigate the path to closing all types of loans and to address all the difficulties that come from any issues. As a mortgage broker, our affiliation with many lenders allows us to shop for our clients for the best rate and closing times and not be subject to only having one option as is the case for many lenders out there. 

Anna is the force behind the alignment with UWM as the CEO of US Finance Group, LLC. Her company is utilizing UWM as the premier lender for most loans. In fact, Anna has created relationships across the United States with over 100 licensed realtors and real estate brokers who have been personally hand-picked and invited by her and flown to UWM in Michigan and educated on their products and the value-added we create for our borrowers and our realtors. We feel this relationship puts us a cut above our competitors. 

Bob and Anna licensed US Finance Group, LLC to operate within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Florida. Plans are to expand the company to the rest of New England and other states as well as expand our real estate broker client referral network. US Finance Group is in the unique position of having many real estate agents throughout the country who refer our services to their borrowers.

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Anna Weishaus


US Finance Group, LLC origins date back to 1999 as a licensed mortgage brokerage. During the roaring period from 2000 to 2007 Anna’s husband, Bob Weishaus, purchased US Finance Group for the main purpose of accommodating and assisting the buyers of his own properties. By utilizing the brokerage, it enabled him to speed up the loan process and thus get his original investment dollars returned earlier to him by closing quicker. It also enables the buyers the best rate out there at that time. When the real estate market crashed in 2007 the value of the brokerage to Bob was minimal since all real estate activity had dried up and US Finance Group LLC did not renew their brokerage in 2009 realizing the real estate business changes made it unnecessary to continue the brokerage. Also, at this time Anna and Bob were married ( 2008 ) and in 2009 our child was born, and she became focused on raising our baby boy and our 3 other children.  Although Anna had a passion for business her commitment to the family was unwavering, and her decision to step back from the business demonstrated a dedication to her family’s well-being. Looking back at this time perhaps divine intervention but Anna asked Bob not to close the U.S. Finance Group corporation as she believed some day that she would reopen it as she loved the name so much and it meant so much to her. Bob obliged and kept the LLC and simply filed the required documents yearly. This went on for many years.


As her son began school full-time, Anna decided to re-enter the workforce, but this time, with a fresh perspective and a wealth of life experience. Initially, after having been a licensed mortgage loan originator since 2002 along with experience assisting with her husband’s real estate endeavors, she had a deep understanding of mortgages and the lending industry. This experience, combined with her dedication and determination, made her a formidable force as it rekindled her long-standing passion for navigating the complexities of real estate financing.


However, after working for other mortgage brokerages on her return to full-time work, Anna decided to reopen her business. Anna’s decision to reopen was not taken lightly; it came after thoughtful consideration and the full support of her family. In 2022 Anna’s dreams were met. US Finance Group was relicensed as a mortgage broker and 13 years after it’s closure Anna brought US Finance Group back to life. Her dream became her reality.


Her business, US Finance Group, LLC., uses one of the country's top lenders, United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) for many of her loans. UWM has become the number one mortgage lender in the country surpassing Rocket Mortgage, JP Morgan, and all the other big-name mortgage lenders. This alignment ensures that Anna’s clients receive the best rates, exceptional service, and the most competitive loan packages. Moreover, the alignment sets Anna apart as she can close loans with rapid speed, and quick and efficient turnaround times. Our brokerage is also aligned with many other lenders to augment some other challenging issues faced by many borrowers. We feel we have collectively, as a broker, created all the needed channels to accommodate our buyers. We feel that sets us apart from the other brokers and lenders out there.


Her customers appreciate her commitment to their needs and her ability to streamline the lending process. Anna's success in the industry is not only a testament to her professionalism, but also to her innate ability to connect with clients, empathize, and understand their unique circumstances. She approaches every transaction with an individualized touch, ensuring that her clients receive tailored solutions that align with their needs and financial goals.


Bob supports Anna’s plan to expand the business and bring on more licensed loan officers to solidify US Finance Group’s success in the industry. Anna is the principal driver of the business but believes in the power of collaboration. She is eager to collaborate with talented individuals who share her passion. Anna’s business is not just about mortgages; it is about turning dreams into reality, one home loan at a time.

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