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We work with Multiple Lenders to Get You the Best Rates

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Pre-qualifying is knowledge and confidence in your price range

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About Us

Bob, a real estate prodigy achieved remarkable success in the industry, so much so that he purchased his own mortgage brokerage to help facilitate and improve the closing times on loans. He did this because back in the days of the early part of the 2000 decade he was buying and selling hundreds of homes and the issue was always centered on the holding time till he could close and sell his properties and get the money back for more purchases. So, he purchased US Finance Group LLC to expedite this. However, the economic turmoil of 2008 forced the difficult decision to not renew the brokerage licenses in 2009. Bob held on to the company's name and LLC with the intent to reopen one day. Over a decade later, his wife, Anna took the reins and successfully relaunched the business, transforming it into the now thriving mortgage loan origination company, US Finance Group, LLC.  It was Anna who saved the LLC almost to a point where she knew she would someday reopen it and so did at the start of 2022. We call it divine intervention. 

Anna has aligned US Finance Group business with top lenders across the country to help facilitate her client needs. One in particular, United Wholesale Mortgage, (UWM), is the largest mortgage lender in the United States. We also have relationships with many other lenders that allow us to be able to navigate for our clients not only the best rates but also allow us to be able to successfully navigate the path to closing all types of loans and to address all the difficulties that come from any issues. As a mortgage broker, our affiliation with many lenders allows us to shop for our clients for the best rate and closing times and not be subject to only having one option as is the case for many lenders out there. 

Anna is the driving force behind the alignment with UWM as the CEO of US Finance Group, LLC. Her company is utilizing UWM as the premier lender for most loans. In fact, Anna has created relationships across the United States with over 100 licensed realtors and real estate brokers who have been personally hand-picked and invited by her and flown to UWM in Michigan and educated on their products and the value-added we create for our borrowers and our realtors. We feel this relationship puts us a cut above our competitors. 

Bob and Anna licensed US Finance Group, LLC to operate within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Florida. Plans are to expand the company to the rest of New England and other states as well as expand our real estate broker client referral network. US Finance Group is in the unique position of having many real estate agents throughout the country who refer our services to their borrowers.

Anna Weishaus

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Principal and CEO

Initially not in her plans or dreams, Anna took a bold step by leaving an established brokerage firm to start her own brokerage. A housewife and mother, Anna's passion for the mortgage industry ignited as she saw the business’s potential to transform lives. Her ambition and strong work ethic allowed her to quickly become a reputable professional in her community.


Anna was not only successful in her own right as a loan officer but had stepped into the role of SuperMom 100 miles away from everyone she knew when she married Bob and moved to Sudbury Massachusetts. In the new environment, raising her new husband’s two boys, one unfortunately severely handicapped, alongside her own daughter and a baby boy with her new husband, Anna championed an additional startup real estate brokerage. This demonstrated her remarkable ability to manage multiple responsibilities with grace and love.


One of the defining moments of Anna’s achievements came when she decided to transition her and her husband's LLC into the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System (NMLS). This move was a significant leap forward and explained in more detail in her story which you can click on below.


Ann's dedication to her growing family and the thriving mortgage business that she has created proves that with passion, hard work, and resilience, you can create a dream and a life you'll be proud of.


Today, Anna is CEO of US Finance Group, a thriving mortgage brokerage that is licensed in multiple states that continues to exceed expectations.

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Bob Weishaus

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Co-founder and Consultant

Bob Weishaus is a seasoned professional in the financial industry. Bob’s tenure as SVP at Lehman Brothers and Drexel Burnham in the 80s, and his own firm in the ‘90s, and a Real Estate Firm since 2000 have provided him with extensive expertise in the mortgage business.


Bob continues to build his skills by working with a diverse portfolio of clients, ranging from individual clients to established businesses in need of mortgages and financial restructuring. Bob’s entrepreneurship and emeritus work at US Finance Group utilizes his breadth of experience and helps to tailor financial solutions and foster strong client relationships.




Anna was incredibly proficient & efficient at the task of closing the loan in a timely fashion. Her expertise and down too earth personality made this an easy transaction, which sometimes can be difficult if your not with the right person or company. I would recommend Anna and her company to anyone with ease and confidence. Bless this “Mortgage Queen”…🙏👰‍♀️🥇🏆


Carlo T.

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A Message for all Realtors and other Real Estate Professionals

   A Message from Anna and Bob.


Our mortgage brokerage is US Finance Group LLC. We are licensed in Florida, Connecticut and Massachusetts.  PLEASE READ ALL—THERE IS NO WAY FOR ME TO SHORTEN THIS BUT IF YOU READ IT I WILL BUY YOU A DRINK.


Being a mortgage broker, I can say to you that we work with many lenders, but we have the best opportunity for most of our realtor clients ( referrals for loans and pre-qualifications ) and their buyers from a lender we utilize call United Wholesale Mortgage or better known as UWM.


The CEO of UWM is Mat Ishbia who was employee number 12 to this organization back in 2003 when he graduated from Michigan State University.


Today he is 43 years old and worth 9 billion dollars and recently became the youngest owner of an NBA Basketball team with his 4-Billion-dollar purchase of the Phoenix Suns.


Today UWM is the largest mortgage lender in the United States ---yes, they are bigger than Rocket and bigger than Chase in the mortgage market and this happened in the past 20 years because they did it right---long story.


Rate wise----we win.


Closing wise---we win again. As I mentioned before UWM has over 7,000 employees all located on their campus in Pontiac Michigan and there are 1,200 employees in their IT Department alone. THAT’S WHY THEY CAN CLOSE LOANS QUICKER THAN ANYONE ELSE. The buyer gets the keys and enters the house quicker and perhaps a little hokey, but you get your commission quicker as well.


UWM---they went public recently and being an old Lehman Brothers guy myself from days past I did my due diligence on them, and we are all in now as well. 


They are winners. We can now boast that we feel can get you the best rate and close your loan quicker than anyone else.


Have you heard that before?


Well---we can also put our money where are mouth is and prove it.

If I were Simon Cowell from American Idol and you were a superstar realtor, we would pay for you to go to Hollywood, but I am not Simon.


BUT a free trip to UWM Campus to show you exactly what I am saying is what we are offering.

UWM will pay for your round-trip flight from your location to Detroit and you would stay in a quality hotel for 2 nights. The first day you arrive and the following day by vans UWM would pick you up and drop you off and you would spend the day seeing why they are the best and your agents would learn valuable things they currently are not aware about social media and mortgages and sales etc.


Every agent that I have sent there then goes home that following day and I have testimonials from many that automatically were better because of what they learned.


They learned things about mortgages that your local realtor competition does not possess. You are ahead of the curb from going and the first speaker of the event is none other than Mat Ishbia for 1 ½ hours and I learn from it every time I go myself.


These dedicated events ---every other week UWM invites 300 agents from around the United States to go to this event. They fly the realtors to the city on a Tuesday, the event is on a Wednesday, and they are flown back to their mainland Thursday.


You could mention to the powers to be at your brokerage firm that we are now doing dedicated events for large real estate brokerages. This has happened because some individual realtors from various brokerages that we invited came back enamored by what they saw and passed on other realtors in their brokerage who attended the next event and before you knew it we had them all.


Call me on my cell at 508-254-2477 when you have availability but I would love to invite you and anyone else from your brokerage firm to the next scheduled event and so much easier to explain the value of it in person.


One last note of interest:


Mat Ishbia owns an NBA basketball team and was a player himself on the championship 2000 Michigan State team that won the NCAA College Championship that year.  


He started these events recently that over 300 realtors from across the country have been attending.


He looks at these events as a way of making realtors better.


He calls it practicing and now I see why.


I have been to close to 10 of these events since May and I learn something substantial every time I go and will continue this for many months to come. This is our dedication created by our full understanding of the values for you and me and most importantly the client.

Give me a call when you have free time,


Bob Weishaus

NMLS #31083

(508) 254-2477


Anna Weishaus

NMLS# MB 26140

NMLS# 48415

U.S. Finance Group, LLC

Cell (413)-210-6561

Fax (978)-268-5188

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